This is an international project of North America. It is the execution of deployment of IPv6 technology. The scientist, businessmen, large companies and network services and providers have realized how important it establishes secure and steady Internet Protocol. If we are going to run our business via Internet, we need to make it secure place. When we are buying our web hosting, we want to get exactly what we have paid. When we intend to run our business via virtual world, we want to feel safe and to rely on our domain. Our domain is our face and the first impression when we contact the rest of the world. We communicate to the world and the percentage to encounter to maniac, or a robber is bigger than in real life.

Why is everybody investing in Moonv6?

IT-WorldThe scientist, businessmen, large companies and network services and providers decided to invest in this project to improve the implementation of IPv6. The transition between IPv4 and IPv6 took too long in their opinion, and they have decided to invest in the Moonv6 project to accelerate this process. The main purpose of this testing is to accelerate things and implement the standards into the development of the product itself. This type of testing is based on everything that we mentioned above. Usually, they create of environment where they will implement the program and see how their system will react. So basically, they will wait how the system will act with the mock and real environment.

When did everything start?

If we return to 2005, we will see that this year is crucial for this project. This project was implemented by UNH-IOL, JITS FT. and even academic and government organizations. The test items itself are determined by network operationrequirements of US Dept. practically everyone was involved, and they all interfere to test plans. It is in everyone’s interest this system to function properly and to be secure.

JITS has advanced Technology IP Laboratory

UNH-InterOperability-LabTheir facilities are equipped with certifies equipment for Joint Interoperability. Here you will find access to services and agencies within DoD.

In UNH InterOperability Lab you will find a test for 19 different technologies including IPv6.  This lab is non-profit one and created to test how IPv6 system works and how secure it is. Functional testing is very important, and everyone wants it to be implemented as much as possible.

Moonv6 testing is created to accelerate the whole transition from IPV4 and IPv6. Everybody wants to be a part of this project and to follow the entire project through test and tasks. The main purpose is to create the way to free without any obstacles run their business in the fastest possible environment that is the internet. If this transition turns our as fast and efficient, their money will return, and everything will get paid. We will get much more free IP addresses than we expected.