No matter how many times we have heard for I.P. address on the Internet and TV, especially in commercials for different internet services and providers. It is natural to have difficulties to understand it, especially for a person that is not technically educated. However, it is not good to be technically non-educated in the world of the fastest technology development ever. To make things more compressive and easy to understand we will explain it like this. I.P address is the number of your internet address visible for your devices. The human eye will see the domain and the device will see the Internet Protocol. There won’t be any communication between these two unless you provide them with IP numbers.

What kind of systems we were using through history

Internet-Protocol-IPThe first Internet Protocol that we used is IPv4 and believe it or not it was a long time ago, back to 1981.Until 1999 there wasn’t any problem with this system. With the developing of mobile phones we faced with another issue. We started to have lack of IP addresses. Simple there weren’t enough IP numbers due to the fast increment of mobile and other similar kind device. This forced scientist and big companies and business to start thinking about the new system of Internet Protocol and created in 1999 Ipv6 system that offered us 128-bit number to create IP addresses.

The transition from IPv4 to IPv6 was long and tricky

Web-HostingNo matter how easy it looks like, it is very long and painful process. First of all, now all people started to use new version immediately. However, people were ready for this and prepared. The process itself was long because they had to reinforce security system. It is not easy to perform this especially parallel with the transition. Therefore, the largest and the most powerful companies gathered around the Moonv6 project to test everything before official release. They are financing this project because their mutual interest is to have the secure system and domains. No matter what we think, this is very important to all of us. Tomorrow, the domain will represent your system and your business. The more secure your domain is, the more secure your business is. Everything is entering a virtual world, which is fast as our mind and therefore it is hard to control it.

How to create the most efficient testing?

The answer is pretty much simple; it is important to create the perfect environment and to implement all the standards. It is like software testing. Sometimes the software act in some particular way with mock data and when you provide it with the real data the system start bugging. This is the main reason why testing needs to be real as much as possible. After testing, you can rest assure that all suites are covered and all possibilities in a real world. They are aware how important is to keep it safe for everyone’s sake.