First of all, we need to say that the fastest phenomena ever are the world. The only thing that manages to compete with even our mind is IT technology. To be successful in this market, you need to know how to be agile and to predict all possible obstacles. You need to evolve together with the technology and to act fast. Being adaptive and flexible is mandatory.

Who are those that manage to beat the competition and learned how to control the technology? Who ended at the top of the TOP 100 vendors list?

According to Gather here are the best:

Apple almightyApple-company

At the top of the Top Vendors list, we can find Apple at the first place. This largest vendor has more than $218 billion in IT revenue.

Samsung Vendor Group

On the second place, Samsung Vendor Group managed to take its position with about $79 billion less than Apple.

Lucky number 3

Google took the third place on this list with $90 billion revenue. These top three vendors can attribute much of their size to their solid alignment with Nexus of Forces. At the very first beginning of Nexus, Microsoft was large. Here we need to mention IBM as one of the great names and very influential. All this is a product of the enormous production.


On the fourth place comes Microsoft with $85 billion revenue. These digital giants are practically the gatekeeper for any business, which delivers digital content.

IBM is the last place but not the least important

When it comes to IBM, we need to mention that this company is certainly one of the greatest names when it comes to IP addresses. With their symbol “THINK” they managed to motivate a thousand of their workers to participate in Moonv6 testing.

These five companies have gathered to improve market and to make it grow. They used their mutual strength to create IPv6 and make the market big enough for all future devices and allow customers to use them without any obstacle.