If you are interested in network projects and Internet Protocol, then you probably heard about Moonv6 Network Project. The main purpose of this project is to improve the security of the network, your domains, and your business. Our concern is to provide you with the safe network that will help you to grow your business.

To improve the next generation of IP (Internet Protocol) a lot of network operators work in collaboration with government agencies together on Moonv6 testing. The main aim of Moonv6 testing is to improve conformance and its internetworking capability of multiple commercial implementations.  After the demonstration of IPv6 applications our project work on testing of DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) security and some voice services, as well. The purpose of these testes was to demonstrate how functionalities are stable for small deployments. Ipv6 covers Security, DHCP, Application Layer and Mobility.

When did everything start?

IPv6-textingIf we went back to 2005, we would see that the Moonv6 marked a milestone when it comes to IPv6 texting and it certainly represents the next generation. We can say that these tests employed more realistic traffic streams. This testing also gathered the largest number of DHCPv6 implementations. The idea was that Moonv6 would serve as a deployment test bed. It has continued to empower service providers from all kind of sector including industry and universities.


Awareness of how security is important

Not all packets can be trusted. We cannot allow all packets to have a complete network. Therefore, a most of systems are using firewalls to block potential attacks and restrict the type of traffic flowing inside and outside of the network.

Significance of Moon V6 testing

IPV6-TestingWe can see the significance of Moonv6 testing in such huge number of companies that decided to commit themselves to enabling DHCPv6 to simplify network administration. Thanks to their action and devotion nowadays it is possible to use IPv6 to complete a commercial VoIP call between North America and the rest of the world. They allow us to have operable mobility, firewall, and security functionalities. After all, we can assure you that FTP, video conferencing applications, Telnet or high-speed links are verified for the North American market. This is one of the most active and vital deployment test bed for service providers and suppliers all over the world and certainly one of the most helping and ongoing platforms for global IPv6.