We all know what IP address is and we all pretty much know how it functions and word. We know how many numbers it is consists of, how it looks like and why it is important. However, do we know what kind of Internet Protocols systems there are? Do we know when the first one was created? Do we know how many IP addresses exist at all in this world? Do we know why IP address is important and what does it mean to our business?

IP address makes our device visible to other

If you have shared IP it is the same like you are living in an apartment and if you have dedicated IP that means that you are living in a single-family house. I you didn’t know you can have it both. The better option is to have dedicated IP because it is like a house completely yours and you do not have to share anything with others.

4 Reasons why you need dedicated IP

Search Engine Visibility

SEOMany people do not agree with one thing that search engine optimization is the most effective solutions to be site ranked. When you have dedicated IP, you give yourself a chance to get the highest ranking. This way you will prevent your site to be blacklisted.

They are Free

Yes, you heard it well. With one Web Hosting, you can get 15 dedicated IPs for free. It usually depends on your hosting package, and some of them can charge you.

E-commerce Ready

With dedicated IP you can sell a product online because they are completely e-commerce ready.

Professional Website

WebsiteThe best is to try to get an affordable hosting solution, and with dedicated IP you usually get such a feature and all the others needed to run website professionally.

What is the main purpose of IP address? The main purpose with IP address is to make the communication between the device and someone else’s device possible. Without this address, the communication is completely impossible.

In the past, people used to use IPv4 system and practically they are still using it, but people have realized on time that if they do not find any other solution they will run out of available IP addresses. Therefore, people started working on IPv6 and passed on the 124-bit number to get as much as possible combinations and addresses. Everything started in 2005, and it is still developing. Thanks to Moonv6 testing they accelerated the entire process and tested the security part of the system, which is very important if you want to create your domain and to run a business via internet We do not want to survive another Yahoo affair and to lose our valuable information through the system. The system has to be protected and to prevent any misuse and abuse. The more we test the system, the more secure we will be and the more stable.